World Champions Talk to US!

"World champions talk to us":

Mr IAN COLE, 5 world and european GOLD champions introduces us into the 7 World Champions lifes.
Over 15 years job all around the world to cath the best unbeliveble sport  moments  and exclusive interviewes on  their  home town  of 


  • 7 World  KARATE Gold medals

HD 16/9

60 minuts


  • Aghayev [Azerbaijan]   Azeri/ English sub.
  • Aras [Turkey] English
  • Dubo [Chile] spanish /English sub.
  • Otto [England]  English
  • Rouhani [Iran] Farsi /English sub.
  • Tzanos [Greece] English
  • Valdesi [Italy] Italian  /English sub.


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